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GAO Capital is an alternative asset management firm with family office roots. The GAO team believes in a rigorous investment and risk management process with a strong alignment of interest with our investors. The firm brings together best practices from prior experience at financial institutions including J.P. Morgan, GIC, Bridgewater, Goldman Sachs, and Citadel.   

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Our History

GAO Capital was founded in August 2008 by Chauwei Yak. The firm focuses on producing superior risk-adjusted returns to its employees and investors, with all senior team members investing personally in the firm's Funds. The women-led firm remains 100% employee owned and maintains its independence from other financial institutions.

In July 2020, the firm launched its first Fund, ASV (Always Seek Value) Fund,  which is a multi-strategy equities Asia-focused fund. In December 2020, the firm launched BAA  (Balanced Alternative Assets) Fund, which invests across strategies and portfolio managers with low correlation to equities and in particular, to complement our flagship equities fund. In February 2021, the CAP (China A-Shares Plus) Fund was launched to monetize structural inefficiencies in the Chinese A-Shares market by combining differentiated, quantitative investment strategies across a diversified pool of fund managers.  In July 2023, the firm set up a separate private investments am that allows clients to co-invest in early-stage companies the team has invested in.

The firm is based in Singapore where the senior team members spent a formative part of their education and careers in.

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