2023: ASV Fund featured in BarclayHedge's Yearly performance rankings, ranked number 8 in the Equity Long Only category for 2022. 

2022: ASV Fund named the best Asia ex Japan fund in HFM Asian Performance Awards 2022 

2021: GAO Capital has been named “Asian Asset Manager of the Year” and the ASV Fund the “Best Offshore Long-Only Equities Fund” by Wealth & Finance Magazine in its 6th annual Fund Awards

The ASV Fund

GAO's Flagship Fund that employs a long-only approach and seeks to profit from investing in mispriced stocks. With a focus on the Asia Pacific ex-Japan region, ASV's value-driven approach has generated excess returns over its benchmark index. Click to read our latest investment commentary and special ten-bagger series!

The ASV Fund

Kenneth introduces the fund and explains its core principles.

ASV Fund Performance

Kenneth and Chauwei explore the fund's impressive growth since inception and ability to consistently outperform its index. 

ASV Fund Focus

Kenneth and Chauwei explore the fund's principles in detail and discuss its non-consensus make-up.

Interview with Do More

Kenneth talks about how he unearths ten-baggers like Evergreen Marine and Signet Jewelers using data that is available to anyone and everyone.

The BAA Fund

While we chase after ten-baggers in our long-equities ASV Fund, there is still a role for its more modest sibling the BAA Fund with steady returns especially in a market correction such as March 2020. 

The Rule of 72 in Investing

Chauwei explains the role of BAA Fund which delivers steady returns with low volatility. The Rule of 72 shows how you can double your money in 8 years with a 9% annualized return. 

Q&A on the BAA Fund

Chauwei addresses the three most asked questions on the BAA Fund, including its steady track record and how its Fund of Funds structure benefits investors.

The CAP Fund

China's nascent A-shares market possesses unique characteristics which allow for outsized returns above the index to be generated. The CAP Fund's quant strategy exploits this opportunity to obtain high returns that are weakly correlated to global equity. 

CAP Fund's Performance Amidst China's Tech Rout

Chauwei and Jason investigate how the CAP Fund still rose amidst China's Big Tech sell-off caused by regulatory crackdown and explain why an exposure to China is beneficial as a portfolio diversifier. 

Are Robots Better at Investing?

Join us as Chauwei talks about quant versus fundamental investing, China, and why cheongsams might just be the answer to the age-old squabble.   

The GAO Edge

"[GAO] started out with sentiment we are moving towards more advanced techniques like graph neural network to do recommendation systems." 

-Singapore Fintech Festival

"[GAO] invests in a portfolio-reporting system [AlphaDesk] with an embedded reconciliation system that would...manage risk and take positions faster."


"[GAO] integrates Natural Language Processing techniques to read words...pull in major news and show where they come from."

-The Asset

"[GAO] have this tool that was created in house where the size of bubble represents the occurance rate of a particular keyword, if the news come in the middle of the day, things will be reactive and change."